CDHB Presentation by David Meates to 6 Sept 2015 public meeting

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Presentations from 25 October 2014 public meeting

Presentation by Bruce McLean and Jane Isdale (Project Company and AHH Structure Group)

Presentation by Carolyn Gullery, CDHB

Preliminary site analysis

The Project Company Ltd has carried out a preliminary analysis of the three potential sites for a new health facility: the “Pompallier” site in Rue Viard, the “BP Meats” site behind the butcher shop, and the “Old Hospital” site on the corner of Aylmer Valley Road and Onuku Road. Twenty-four critical aspects of the sites were evaluated. The analysis showed the Old Hospital site to be the most suitable site for a new health facility. A summary of the analysis is available here. This was distributed to Akaroa area residents on 1 July 2014.

Model of Care report

A report on possible models of care for the Akaroa Health Hub was produced by Jane Cartwright. A public version of the report is available here. In order to make the report public, parts of it have had to be removed to protect personal privacy and commercial confidentiality.

The report concludes:

‘It is operationally feasible to establish the Akaroa Health Hub with beds to be used by the local population. The selection of the site and final building costs will determine whether a 10- or 12-bed facility should be built. Local leadership and ownership of the next steps is important and essential to engage both the community and CDHB.’

The findings of the report will inform the work on the business case and will be considered in the context of the work being undertaken on sites and building, transition to a new facility, finance, and organisation and governance.

Project Plan

In response to the recommendations in Jane Cartwright’s report, the Structure Group has appointed The Project Company Ltd to produce the business case for an Akaroa Health Hub, building on the preliminary and ongoing work of the Structure Group. The business case will bring together a property plan (including detailed analysis of potential sites), model of care, transition plan, financial plan, and an organisational and governance plan. A diagram of this process can be found here.

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