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Our Challenge

The earthquakes of 2011 made the Akaroa hospital unusable. The Canterbury DHB have committed to building an Integrated Family Health Centre in the place of the hospital. The community have agreed to extend this capacity by funding an aged care facility. 

The current health services in Akaroa are all private businesses who contract with the Canterbury DHB and other providers. All of these businesses would like to come together to provide a more integrated service, but none is willing or able to own or oversee a merged private company to do this. 

The Akaroa-Wairewa Health Steering Group has proposed that a community-owned “business” oversee the integration of the health services and the provision of a new facility.  This proposal is supported by the current providers of health services in Akaroa and by the Canterbury DHB, and it is also an approach that has been adopted elsewhere in Canterbury.  The Steering Group created the Akaroa Health Hub Structure Group to carry out the work to develop a specific proposal for the new health facility.

The creation of a community-owned, integrated health centre involves designing services and facilities that meet the needs of the local community and are also economically viable. It involves working with all of those concerned to ensure their knowledge and needs are taken into account, and this inevitably takes time. 

A community-owned health centre cannot work without community support.  For this, the community needs full knowledge of the situation, process, and reasoning behind the proposed centre and an opportunity to contribute their own knowledge to ensure it meets community needs. 

This website will provide ongoing updates as well as background information. The Akaroa Community Trustees invite questions and feedback from the community through this address: information@akaroahealthhub.org.nz
The Trustees can also be contacted at Post Box 161, Akaroa 7542